International T444E

International T444E Specs & Information

International Navistar manufactured the 7.3L Power Stroke, but the trademark "Power Stroke" is unique to Ford pickup applications. For other applications, such as International trucks, the engine was named the T444E ( turbocharged, 444 cid, electronic controlled). The Power Stroke and T444E are similar, but not identical. Ford's engine requirements for pickups are not entirely the same as International's various applications. The following is an overview of the T444E, and the primary differences between International and Ford versions.

International T444E Specs


International T444E V-8 Turbodiesel


444 cubic inches (7.3 liters)

Block/Head Material:

Cast iron engine block, cast iron cylinder heads

Bore x Stroke:

4.11" 4.18"


Turbocharged, wastegated


Direct injection, HEUI (hydraulic electronic unit injection)


OHV, 2 valves per cylinder

B10 Life:

200,000 miles of operation

B50 Life:

350,000 miles of operation

T444E Horsepower & Torque Output Options

Rated HP

Peak Horsepower

Peak Torque

Gov. Engine Speed

175 HP

184 @ 2,200 RPM

460 @ 1,400 RPM

2,600 RPM

195 HP

195 @ 2,300 RPM

520 @ 1,400 RPM

2,600 RPM

210 HP

215 @ 2,400 RPM

540 @ 1,500 RPM

2,600 RPM

215 HP

225 @ 2,200 RPM

560 @ 1,400 RPM

2,600 RPM

230 HP

238 @ 2,300 RPM

620 @ 1,400 RPM

2,600 RPM

T444E is the acronym for Turbocharged, 444 cubic inch displacement, Electronically controlled. The T444E was a popular medium duty diesel used in a variety of applications, which includes extensive use in International school buses. Many of the T444E's applications included vehicles of a GVWR of up to 65,000 lbs. The number of T444E engines produced exceeds 750,000, albeit far from the 2 million+ Power Stroke versions manufactured for Ford.

7.3L Power Stroke vs T444E - Differences Between the Engines

Both engines feature the same basic specifications; the long blocks are identical between both engines. The 7.3L Power Stroke is a T444E save for the following differences:

• The PCM's (Powertrain control module) are different, thus the different power ratings offered between the 2 engines. For example, the T444E was offered in ratings up to 620 lb-ft torque, where as the Power Stroke was only offered with peak torque reaching 525 lb-ft. However, you may also notice that the 275 HP rating of the Power Stroke is much higher than any HP rating of the T444E.

• Accessory drive and various engine sensors

• Turbocharger design

• Water pump design

• The T444E block is painted blue

• T444E uses a mechanical fuel pump, requiring a different camshaft