6.0L Power Stroke Service Information

6.0L Power Stroke Maintenance Schedule, Service Part Numbers, Fluid Specs

"Severe" duty conditions include any or any combination of the following:

• Excessive idling
• Frequent short trips in which the engine is shut-down before reaching full operating temperature
• Driving on dusty roads
• Driving off-road or in conditions that require 4 wheel drive
• Frequent towing or hauling (with the exception of very light loads)

As a general rule of thumb, always abide by the "Severe Duty" service schedule if your vehicle is used in any strenuous activity, i.e. is subjected to more rigorous conditions than normal, unladen driving.

6.0L Power Stroke Maintenance Schedule

Service Procedure

Recommended Service Interval(s)

Replace engine oil & oil filter

7,500 miles/6 months under normal operating conditions
5,000 miles/6 months under severe duty conditions

Replace fuel filter

15,000 miles

Replace engine air filter

Monitor air filter minder (mounted to air filter housing), replace as necessary

Flush engine cooling system

100,000 miles/5 years initial service
Subsequent service at 45,000 mile/3 year intervals (Motorcraft Gold engine coolant)

Replace automatic transmission fluid & filter

30,000 miles

Replace manual transmission fluid

60,000 miles

Replace transfer case fluid

150,000 miles under normal operating conditions
60,000 miles under severe duty conditions

Replace front differential fluid (4x4)

100,000 miles under normal operating conditions
30,000 miles under severe duty conditions

Replace rear differential fluid

100,000 miles under normal operating conditions
30,000 miles under severe duty conditions


6.0L Power Stroke Service Part Numbers

Part numbers listed below are for Super Duty trucks; some parts may vary for E-Series and Excursion applications

Engine air filter

Motorcraft FA-1778 (Ford 4C3Z-9601-AA)

Engine oil filter

Motorcraft FL-2016 (Ford 3C3Z-6731-AA)

Oil filter housing cap/lid

Motorcraft EC-781 (Ford 3C3Z-6766-CA)

Engine oil fill cap

Motorcraft EC-743 (Ford F3AZ-6766-B)

Oil pan drain plug

Ford 8C3Z-6730-A

Fuel filter set

Motorcraft FD-4616 (Ford 3C3Z-9N184-CA, includes engine & chassis filters, o-rings)

Fuel filter housing cap/lid

Ford 3C3Z-9G270-AA

EGR valve o-ring set

Ford 3C3Z-9P455-AB

Serpentine belt

Motorcraft JK81267A (Ford 3C3Z-8620-DB, single alternator)

Glow plug[1]

2003 - early 2004

Motorcraft ZD-12 (Ford 3C3Z-12A342-AA), see warning[1]

2004 - 2007

Motorcraft ZD-13 (Ford 4C3Z-12A342-AA, set of 8)


Motorcraft RT-1169 (Ford 3C3Z-8575-AA)

Thermostat housing gasket

Ford 3C3Z-8255-AA

Radiator overflow/degas cap

Ford 9C3Z-8101-B

Upper radiator hose

Motorcraft KM4783 (Ford 3C3Z-8260-AG)

Lower radiator hose

Motorcraft LM4784 (Ford 3C3Z-8286-AJ)

Camshaft position sensor (CPS)

Ford 8C3Z-12K073-A

Crankshaft position sensor (CKP)

Ford 3C3Z-6C315-AA

Exhaust backpressure sensor (EBP)

2003 - 2004[2]

Motorcraft DPFE-3 (Ford 4C3Z-9J460-A)

2005 - 2007

Ford 5C3Z-9J460-B

Injector control pressure sensor (ICP)

2003 - early 2004[3]

Ford 3C3Z-9F838-EA

2004 - 2007

Ford 4C3Z-9F838-A

ICP sensor pigtail

Ford 5C3Z-12224-A

Injection pressure regulator (IPR)

2003 - early 2004

Ford 3C3Z-9C968-AA

2004 - 2007

Ford 5C3Z-9C968-CA

Automatic transmission filter
(TorqShift 5R110W, 5 spd)

Primary filter

Motorcraft FT-144 (Ford 3C3Z-7A098-AA)
(internal transmission filter)

Auxiliary filter

Motorcraft FT-145 (Ford 3C3Z-7B155-BA)
(external, frame mounted filter)

6.0L Power Stroke Fluid Specs & Capacities

Oil & Fluid Specs

Engine oil


Acceptable viscosity in ambient temps > 10° F
Preferred viscosity in ambient temps > 30° F


Acceptable viscosity in ambient temps -10 to 90° F
Preferred viscosity in ambient temps -10 to 30° F


Acceptable viscosity in ambient temps < 30° F


Acceptable viscosity in ambient temps < 0° F

Engine coolant

Motorcraft VC-7-B(Motorcraft Gold engine coolant)

Automatic transmission fluid

Motorcraft MERCON SP ATF

Manual transmission fluid

Motorcraft MERCON V full synthetic ATF

Transfer case fluid

Motorcraft XL-12 transfer case fluid

Front differential fluid

Dana 60

SAE 80W-90 gear oil, SAE 90W hypoid gear oil (variable specification)

Rear differential fluid[4]

Sterling 10.50"

SAE 75W-140 full synthetic gear oil

Dana 80

SAE 75W-90 full synthetic gear oil

Dana S135

SAE 80W-90 gear oil

Dana S110/S130

SAE 75W-140 full synthetic gear oil

Oil & Fluid Capacities

Fluid capacities are nominal - always fill to proper level on dipstick or to fill plug level as applicable

Engine oil capacity

15 quarts w/ oil filter

Cooling system capacity

27.5 quarts, 26 liters, 6.875 gallons

Automatic transmission fluid capacity

17.5 quarts, 35 pints, 16.6 liters

Manual transmission fluid capacity

5.8 quarts, 11.6 pints, 5.5 liters

Transfer case fluid capacity

2.0 quarts, 4 pints, 1.9 liters

Front differential oil capacity

Dana 60

5.8 pints, 2.7 liters, 3 quarts

Rear differential fluid capacity[5]

Sterling 10.50"

3.45 quarts, 6.9 pints, 3.3 liters

Dana 80

4.25 quarts, 8.5 pints, 4.0 liters

Dana S135

12.25 quarts, 24.5 pints, 11.6 liters

[1] The piston of the 6.0L Power Stroke was redesigned for the 2004 model year and required a shorter glow plug. Early glow plugs CANNOT be used in later engines as they will contact the piston and cause catastrophic engine damage. September 29th, 2003 is the engine build date cutoff; early 2004 model year trucks received 2003 model year engines.
[2] 2003 and early 2004 model year trucks feature an engine calibration that uses an inferred exhaust backpressure reading. Therefore, the sensor is not used by the PCM and should not require replacement.
[3] The ICP sensor on 2003 and early 2004 model year trucks is located behind the turbocharger, next to the IPR valve. This ICP sensor is a separate part number than the later valve cover positioned sensor.
[4] Limited slip differentials may require a supplemental additive/friction modifier - use Motorcraft XL-3.
[5] Sterling 10.50" rear differential standard on all F-250, F-350 SRW pickups. Dana 80 rear differential standard on F-350 DRW and F-450. Dana S135 standard on all F-550 chassis cab (incomplete) trucks.