4.5L Power Stroke Diesel

4.5L Power Stroke & International VT275 Turbodiesel

The 4.5L Power Stroke was produced for the 2006 to 2009 model year Ford LCF by International Navistar. It's counterpart, the VT275, can be found in International CF box trucks of similar application years. The design of the 4.5L Power Stroke is based on the 6.0L Power Stroke and International VT365 - the geometry of the engines are identical, save for the fact that the 4.5L has two less cylinders. Many key engine components are therefore interchangeable between the 4.5L and 6.0L Power Stroke engines.

The turbocharger system on the 4.5L Power Stroke is a twin sequential setup with a similar configuration to that found on the 6.4L Power Stroke. Unlike other International engines and their Ford counterparts, there is no difference between the VT275 and the 4.5L Power Stroke. The engine was renamed the MaxxForce 5 when International introduced their line of emission compliant engines and began using the MaxxForce designation in 2007. In Ford LCF applications, the engine uses the same TorqShift 5R110W 5 speed automatic transmission found in the 2003 to 2010 model year Ford Super Duty. The 4.5L Power Stroke was discontinued after the 2009 model year.

4.5L Power Stroke Specs


International VT275, 4.5L Power Stroke, later MaxxForce 5, diesel V-6


4.5 liters, 275 cubic inches

Block/Head Material:

Cast iron block, cast iron cylinder heads

Compression Ratio:

18.0 : 1


3.74 inches (95 mm)


4.134 inches (105 mm)


Twin sequential turbochargers, air-to-air intercooler


HEUI generation 2 injection system


Standard pushrod, camshaft in block, 4 valves per cylinder (24 valve)

Oil Capacity:

15 quarts w/ oil filter

Engine Weight:

Approx. 835 lbs dry

B50 Life:

408,500 miles

Peak Horsepower:

200 hp @ 2,700 rpm

Peak Torque:

440 lb-ft @ 1,800 rpm

4.5L Power Stroke (VT275) horsepower & torque chart

Horsepower & torque curves for the 4.5L Power Stroke/International VT275